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        New website

        Release time:2014-12-04

        Welcome you to enter our website! Thank you for your long-term support to our company website!

        To improve the company's reputation, give full play to the Internet media function, to adapt to the new needs of the development of the network, to further play the role of external publicity of the website, for our customers to provide a better service to exchange the platform, we recently on the website for a comprehensive revision upgrade,

        Ningbo Yujie daily necessities Co., Ltd. is located in the eastern part of China's economic developed port city - Ningbo City, south east suburb of Fenghua City Economic Development Zone, the company mainly produces all kinds of cleaning utensils, mop, dust whisk, cotton products, superfine fiber products and other daily necessities; is a set design, development, production, sales in one of the professional enterprise.

        This revision, the site will use the new style, the new planning, new design, increase the amount of information. After the revision of the site concise, compared with previous structure more clear, rich in content, the amount of information increases, draws on many other site layout style, combined with the reality of the company, the outstanding characteristics of the company, the content of higher quality, more convenient for customers browse and query.

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